In all honesty I was I would have taken this challenge more seriously. Because it was school related I didn’t get as into practicing my virtues as I would have like too because it felt like school work rather than bettering myself. Reflecting back on the 10 days that we spent on this assignment I do think that this assignment is better than the average English assignment because it has given me an opportunity to improve and better Myself if I were to put in a lot of effort. Although I don’t feel like I made progress for myself these 10 days I still hope that I can continue to better myself by trying to follow some of the ideas from this assignment.

moderation- I would say moderation was one of the virtues I focused on the most. Before this assignment I was hanging out with friends every night and spent little to no time with family and struggling to get my schoolwork done. i made sure to time manage better during the ten days and I would hang out with my little brother and always watch a show with my dad before I went to bed. Doing this was enjoy able because I really do like spending time with my family. My grades also improved and if finals go how I want I should end with very good grades.

frugality- Frugality was one of my strongest virtues during this challenge. The reason that I decided to use this as one of my virtues is because at the time of the beginning of the assignment I was just starting to run out of money from my summer job. This was a major change in my life due to the fact that I was spending like crazy before the assignment. Being more frugal led me to eating healthier because I stopped eating out and cooking for my self. Another positive was that I stopped doing things with friends that cost so much money and sent more time with my family.

accountability- For me accountability and moderation went hand and hand. With spending less time with my friends it allowed me more time to do school work. Also I now find my self in a new habit of doing school work with extra time at the end of class instead of going straight to my phone. This has led to an improvement in my grades so I would say that accountability was a success over these 10 days.

self-discipline- I did a poor job at self discipline. My goal was to go to the gym every day but I only went like half the time. Although it was a busy 10 days for me I still would like to have spent more effort on this virtue. I plan to really focus on this one after Christmas break to improve my self so hopefully this is a positive from this assignment.

cleanliness- Cleanliness was a virtue that I was not very good at keeping up throughout the 10 days. When I started this assignment I wanted to help my mom with the house more and keep my room clean and that just didn’t happen. My room stayed clean for like two days then went back to it’s normal state. I did the dishes a few times but I didn’t help my mom to the extent that I wanted too.