Day 10

Last day of complete and total blogging and honestly i think im seeing change in how i feel about myself and how others are interacting with me. I feel like im natually a more authentic version of myself and i feel more secure in my being.

Cleanliness: i didnt do as great with this as i would have liked to. I didnt pick up my room beofre i went to bed because i was very tired but honeslty sllep is important and i think an importantn aspect is knowing when you can sacrifice a vurtue for your own well being so maybe these days are imporant too 🙂 i give C+

order: i didnt have it in me to make my lunch for tomorrow. i worked closing and i think a lesson that i have learned form this is that i need to be extra careful as to make sure tht i dont need to do anythign when ever i get home form work on nights that i close so that i actually get it done. A part of my order may be incorperating that into my week as well. I give C+

Tranquility: I watched a video in hisotry class about world war two and what the deadly aspects of it were. This really scared me and kinda made me anxious and then i got anxious about wether or not i would be able to durvive something like fihting in world war two because im not complety sure i could and that kinda scares me. I dont want to die. I was shaking when i got home becuase of it and had to sit and mediatie for a little bit. I was able to take my anxiesty med and Itselad of letting myself spiral deeping into that mental hole i pulled myslef out of it in tme for work which is really good. I give B

resolution: i overall stuck to my commitments for the day and was a good day for resoution i give B

Joey Trease

Author: Joey Trease

My goal with this project is to work on -order -resolution -cleanliness -tranquility -existing exactly as i am

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