Day 4:

Today my main focus was to improve on my virtue of Sincerity. This week I have been very busy with sports and other events in my life and haven’t been able to spend time with my family. Today I made sure that I could spend quality time with all of my family members. For my mom we went grocery shopping together and ran some other small errands. It was good to talk to my mom about a lot of different things. For my brother I played a few hours of video games with him. This was a lot of fun and good for him because he really enjoys to spend time with me. For my dad I helped him with some yard work . We raked up leaves for a while and he was very grateful for the help. I would give my Sincerity a 10/10 because of the quality time I spent with my family members. I would like to continue to do this more often because it connects me to my family more. For the rest of my virtues, Order is 10/10, Humility 10/10, Tranquility 8/10, and Frugality is a 10/1o.

4 thoughts on “Day 4:”

  1. This is so great. Family time is incredibly important and it’s so cool that you took the time to appreciate that. I’m sure they were very happy to be able to spend time with you. Keep up the good work!

  2. This is great Ike!!!!!!!!! I think it is great that you set aside some time for your family and you were able to help them out. It is great that you are staying on top of your virtues!!

  3. Great job Ike! I am also working on sincerity and this blog gave me some much needed motivation. I look forward to reading about your progress in sincerity as well as your other virtues

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