Connor Lawson – Day 1 Update

For my first day, I did an adequate job. When I woke up, I put my alarm on snooze, and when my dad hollered for me to get up, I mumbled about how I would. I sat there for 30 seconds, contemplating whether to lay down for a few more minutes or get up immediately. As my brain cleared the fog of sleep away, I remembered about my virtues I chose, specifically sincerity, and that I must be sincere by staying true to my word and get up, so I did. For my self-control virtue, I did eat 3 Oreos that I packed in my lunch, and I snacked on a few chips. In terms of how much junk food I would usually eat, this is an exceptional start, and I hope to slowly improve on limiting the amount of junk food and candy I eat. I did not lie once for the entire day, which was a top-notch start to my honesty virtue. I kept as calm as I could, only grinding my teeth a little and staying silent when my dad started smacking his lips when eating, which is one of my pet peeves. This was about my tranquility virtue. I did not do much, if anything, with my diligence virtue as I did not have to study for any tests today because I don’t have any tests soon.

Connor Lawson

Author: Connor Lawson

Honesty, Sincerity, Tranquility, Self-Control, Diligence

7 thoughts on “Connor Lawson – Day 1 Update”

  1. I totally relate to not being able to get up easily in the mornings. Recently though, setting my alarm back earlier and allowancing myself time to sleep past my alarm has been very helpful recently. Let me know if you find a better solution!

  2. I appreciate your dedication to following the virtues throughout your entire day, starting from the beginning. You’re besting me in cleanliness with your healthier diet. I never thought of cleanliness as relating to diet, but it makes sense. I’m going to attempt to wean off some of my sugar in response.

  3. I agree it is very hard to wake up in the morning, especially since school starts so early. That is great that you were able to stay calm during something that bothers you. It is super important to not stress over things that are out of your control and that aren’t really that important.

  4. Sounds like you did a good job conner, I hope you stick to it and I relate a ton to what you said about getting up in to morning. I think you did a better job than I would have done for limiting yourself so kudos!

  5. Looks like it was a good day for all of your virtues. I can definitely relate to the junk food virtue, eating healthy is a lot less fun than Oreos. Weaning off sugar can only get easier from here!

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