My Voyage of Virtues

The motivation behind my blog is to improve my life as a whole. I would like to live a clean, well organized life, and condense the abundance of stress surrounding me. As I have gotten older, I have let stress crowd my life. Stress determines the way my day will go, how I will sleep, how I will eat and generally affect my health. This stress leads to cleanliness, I get out of focus, and become messy. My room is always clean, but the stress takes over my life and I have become more sloppy. I am eager to start a new routine to help with organization, and cleanliness. The relationship between Franklin and I, is both aiming towards goals in our life. Franklin has inspired me, and my class to begin a journey of virtues. Franklin constantly kept himself occupied, achieving goal after goal throughout his whole life. I strive to have the motivation Franklin had, keeping up with his virtues until he no longer could. I had told myself a goal to have each month, we then began to talk about Franklin’s virtues, it gave me the perfect opportunity to grow. I hope to keep this going throughout my life just like Franklin.  

The virtues I have chosen to help me succeed in life are, Acceptance, Tranquility, Cleanliness, Temperance, and Liberality. Starting with Acceptance, I have chosen these virtues as I tend to hold things over my head when I know it is out of my control. I please others before pleasing myself. I have realized I need to come to terms with the fact I can’t make everyone happy, but I know I need to enjoy life to the fullest. A strategy to remind me I cannot please everyone, is to try my best, and know that I did all that I can do. Following acceptance is Tranquility. My life is full of stress, and the easiest way for me to handle it is to channel that stress to anger. One way I am going to work on tranquility is working on my breathing and communication to my peers. One of the virtues I want to focus on the most is Cleanliness. I have become messy as I have gotten older, and I’ve decided to change that.  One way I am going to achieve cleanliness is letting my family and friends know, so they are able to hold me accountable for eating healthy. Another way I am going to achieve this goal is committing to the gym and after school weights. Continuing on with my health, I have chosen temperance. To help with cleanliness I need to learn how to eat in moderation, and work out in Moderation. I will limit the amount of sugars that are in my house, and if there are I will set a goal of how much I will eat. Food in general, I am going to download an app to tell me my calorie intake to help keep track of what I am eating. Lastly I would like to work on Liberality. With the goals I am setting, I still need to learn a way to balance all without being uptight. When it comes to school, work on school work, but if it’s the weekend I am going to give myself a break and go have fun. Throughout my high school years so far I have learned to live in the moment and enjoy the time I have with my people. A way I am going to achieve this goal is, setting goals for when to get my homework done. After I have made it to that time I will go out and live freely. 

My hopes for these virtues, and my plan to achieve them, are to help me live a better, and relaxed life. I believe with my determined mindset, and the obvious need for a schedule fix, that I will be able to continue these virtues past the class time we are given. Although we have a short amount of time to succeed in these virtues, I believe each will have a positive impact on my life. I have high standards for myself, and all I want is the best. I believe these virtues are the pathway to that success I yearn for. 

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  1. I definitely relate to your point about cleanliness. I am much more productive if my workplace, and other rooms I may be in, are clean. It makes it so much easier to focus on the task at hand. Also, I totally think you’re right about cleanliness in eating habits. When I eat better, I feel better, and am often more productive. I think your method will be helpful!

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