Luke Kounkel – Nov 10

Today went well for the virtues. During school, I had some easy classes which gave me time to do a little homework during my free time. After school, I went for a walk and took some time to reflect. While out on my walk I took some pictures of the fall trees. After the walk, I set my phone down and for an hour and a half I worked down the list of my most pressing homework. After taking a short break, I went back to work for another hour. Finally getting to the lower priority items on the list, I got bored and decided to call it a day. I could have been more industrious, but it felt like a good ending point, so I left it there.

3 thoughts on “Luke Kounkel – Nov 10”

  1. Hi Luke, your pictures are really pretty! I am working on being more present, so I’ll definitely have to take notes from you and take a screen-free walk. Don’t feel too bad at not being the most “industrious”, as I think taking care of yourself is the most productive thing you can do :).

  2. Your pictures are great! I think your system of ordering your time reflects your good self discipline. It appears that you were industrious enough to be successful after all. Reaching low priority items at all is an achievement.

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