Day One

Today I have chosen to focus on cleanliness as my main virtue. I have chosen this day to clean my room, do my laundry, do a full skincare routine and eat a healthy lunch and dinner. For lunch I had a chicken salad sandwich, which contains proteins, grains, and veggies I need for a full nutritional meal, pairing it with an orange and grapes. For dinner I had chicken pesto, which was moderately healthy containing proteins, veggies, and carbs. Today my main focus was cleanliness, however I continued to keep in mind my other virtues throughout my day. I started off my day with math. When it comes to math, I gravitate towards frustration and impatience. Today while we were reviewing for our test, I was able to ask questions, and take deep breaths if I wasn’t understanding the concept. I was able to stay tranquil and continue on with my learning. Moreover the virtues I have achieved today, one including moderation. After school I lean towards the unhealthy bag of chips rather than the carrots and celery. Today I chose the bag of chips with moderation of the chips, balancing it out with carrots and hummus. Overall I would give myself an B+ because I know I could have incorporated more of my virtues.

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