Day 2

I started the day off, happy, and excited! I have finally understood chemistry. I wanted to spread my happiness to my chemistry teacher, so I brought him a donut. Today I focused on tranquility. I went to sleep telling myself “tomorrow is going to be a good day”, I woke up and I told myself again “today is going to be a good day”. After seeing the happiness I brought to my chemistry teacher, after doing the smallest act of kindness, it inspired me to encourage it throughout the whole day. Falling into the category of tranquility, staying calm and peaceful, I have learned today, in order to stay calm, I need to find my inner happiness and spread it throughout my day. Today helped kick start my voyage of virtues. Today I give myself an A+ in the tranquility category. Onto the next virtue, I focused on acceptance. Today I looked at my grades and I was not quite satisfied with my B in chemistry and B in human anatomy. I continued to stare, until I realized the stress building up. I immediately closed out of my grades, I told myself I was doing my best. The A on my chemistry exam was the journey to receiving an A at the end of the semester in chemistry. For the category of acceptance I would give myself an A-, a minus due to the reasoning of allowing myself to stare at my grades too long. Overall these were the main virtues I worked on today. I believe this was a superb day, I hope my voyage continues with days like these!

2 thoughts on “Day 2”

  1. I love the chant you did before and after you woke up, I think I will try that tonight. The feelings where you start to understand classes like chemistry and math is absolutely phenomenal so that must have felt like bliss. Good job on the tranquility today I love seeing the effort.

  2. I am also working on tranquillity and I love your idea of kind of manifesting a good day the night before. I’ve been struggling to find definite tactics to induce tranquillity so I will absolutely try that one. Acceptance is a virtue I never even thought about, but honestly I kind of wish I had because I think that’s something that everyone can work on.

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