Day 2

Today was a great day! I really focused on sincerity, and making sure I did everything with a purpose. Today I sold ads in marketing and I made a lot of deep connections with people throughout the community. I went to a yoga class, and the instructor made a point of taking time out of your 24 hour day and spending just the 45 minutes of class time focusing on yourself. I really liked this because it made me think about all of the people I encounter throughout the day, all of the things I do, all of the smallest connections I made but that even within the midst of it all, I can still take time for myself.

2 thoughts on “Day 2”

  1. I love that you focused on sincerity thats super cool!!! I think the yoga too is something that is really cleansing for your soul, mind and body. You seem to be on the perfect track keep it up 🙂

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