Day 2

Day two for me was one with a bit more challenge. I had rehearsal for my musical that night, and rehearsal for another musical before that. I did not get time to clean my room, but I did still take the time to write my homework down in my planner. These rehearsals kept me busy all day, and gave me very little time to appreciate some time for myself. I did, however, approach my last rehearsal with a bit of a different attitude. I decided to, instead of treating it like a stressful experience, enjoy it and make it fun. It worked! I really enjoyed my rehearsal and got excited for opening night in two days.

One thought on “Day 2”

  1. If it makes you feel any better I didn’t my bed either :/ But you seem to be killing these rehearsals and working really hard which is super cool. Keep up the hard work and make sure you give yourself a second to relax!

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