Day #4: November 12, 2021

I would say today was a little bit of a struggle. I had to get to school early to help out a teacher and was very rushed, causing my morning order and cleanliness to be successful. With it being Friday my patience was also a little bit off, but for a good and exciting reason obviously. My balance today gets a 10/10 with getting to spend a lot of time with friends and also already did the majority of my homework after school. Lastly, kindness was a success. I was in a good mood all day and even though I can’t pin a specific moment, I feel like I put out positive and kind energy all day. I’m curious to see how my virtues go over the weekend with more free time.

Anna Mitchell

Author: Anna Mitchell

order, cleanliness, balance, patience, and kindness.

2 thoughts on “Day #4: November 12, 2021”

  1. Love how you overcame your stress! It is always hard getting through the school day on a Friday! It is great that you were in a good mood, I’m so happy for you! I hope you had a great weekend!

  2. That’s amazing that you were able to get homework done on Friday after school leaving your weekend less stressful. I am sorry to hear your morning started rough but thank goodness it is Friday! Have an amazing weekend!

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