Day 4

Overall today was not my best day, which made it hard to boost my mood, considering it is Friday I thought it would be better. I have a lot to do in chemistry, which has stressed me out quite a bit. I am working on Liberality today, because I need to focus on taking care of the baby I took home for child development. I am trying to balance between my school stress, and having fun with this assignment. I have been struggling throughout the day to shake off my worries. My math test was grade today as well. I did not do very good, and I was not able to stay tranquil. Following my annoyance, it was hard for me to accept the grade I had gotten on my test. I chose to play positive music, hoping to boost my mood. It did. After a roller coaster of emotions, I took my baby to target and went on a little adventure, working on loosening up and having fun. When it comes to cleanliness, not much fell into that category other than eating. For lunch I ate a squash salad mix, and for dinner I had Canes, though I ate it in moderation. I am satisfied with the way I handled my control over eating. At the end of the night I am not satisfied with my day, but I was able to tie all of my virtues into one day. I have acknowledged what I need to work on, and there is nothing more I can do. I have accepted my thoughts and feelings. I am now moving on. I will work on meditation tonight, and a positive manifestation for tomorrow! Goodnight!

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  1. Hey Avery- I think that you are doing great! I think that it is okay to fall short once in awhile, but as long as you know what you need to improve on there is nothing you can’t achieve. I love that you played positive music to create a more positive mood; that is definitely something that I will have to try out!

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