Kate Beaulieu- Day 5

I started off my day by shooting the powderpuff game, which was a goal of mine and a way for me to practice passion. The game was super fun and just funny to see the cheerleaders and dancers play football instead of the football players, who were cheering. I got some really good photos which made me happy. After the game, I continued to be productive, and had a meeting at a coffee shop and got a lot of work done and got to see my friends. As for my other virtues, I find succeeding in tranquility is much easier on the weekends than during the week, because I have far less to do and worry about. However, I did not do well with moderation today, because I was on my phone for about 3 hours. It’s definitely more challenging to stay off my phone on the weekend because I have more free time. I didn’t focus much on patience or academic acceptance which is alright, I will do that tomorrow! All in all, I had a great Saturday and succeeded in practicing the virtues I most wanted to hone in on. I hope everyone had a great Saturday 🙂

One thought on “Kate Beaulieu- Day 5”

  1. I completely agree with you both on the struggles of moderating phone time on the weekends and on how tranquillity is much easier to practice over the weekend. I’ve felt pretty much the same way, although I have definitely struggled with productivity too. The powder puff game sounds really fun!

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