Day Five

Hello again!

Today was a really great day and was a good opportunity to practice my virtues. Tranquility was something I had to especially work on since I played two tennis matches. It is really important to stay calm and focused while you are playing in order to stay in every point. I did a great job of that today as I ended up winning both of my matches to be playing in the semifinals tomorrow! 

Patience is also something that was applicable to today while I was waiting for courts to open up so I could go on. I ended up having to wait for two hours after my scheduled match time to play and so I really had to stay patient in order to keep calm and relax before the match. 

The thing I am joyful about today is pretty simple as it makes me very happy when I win matches and make it this far in a difficult tournament. I am grateful that I get to play in the first place and it gives me extra happiness when it goes well.

Moderation was a virtue that I couldn’t really work on today as I was pretty much playing tennis and getting ready all day. Order was the same as I am still in Chicago but I have been doing a good job of keeping all of my things organized in the hotel room and keeping my suitcase clean. 

Overall, it was a good day for me and I hope it was the same for all of y’all!

Keep it up everyone!
Bryson Langford

Author: Bryson Langford

Working on tranquility, moderation, order, patience, and joy.

8 thoughts on “Day Five”

  1. Seeing you had such a great day uplifts me and puts me in a better mood, to know virtues can help your day succeed. The smallest things can make one happy and I am glad you found that in your day!-Avery Kim:)

  2. Congratulations! I’m super impressed that you were able to stay patient and calm for two whole hours of delay. That sounds so stressful! It’s cool how a lot of your virtues tie into tennis and help you play better. Good luck tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your match! I relate to having to stay calm when playing, glad you could keep your cool! Also, I am happy to hear about your progress with patience. I often struggle with patience, so it is nice to hear that others are working on it as well. Also, thank you for the reminder on the infographic! Hope the rest of your weekend is nice!

  4. Good job on your matches I bet you’ll do great at semis! I get that sometimes it’s very hard to stay calm on game/match days so good job for trying to relax. Sorry you had to wait so long for a court. Hope you’re having fun in Chicago:)

  5. Congratulations on making it to the semifinals! Moderation is something I would love to work on. Love the encouraging image and over style of your blog!

  6. Congrats on your matches! Hopefully you can continue working on tranquility tomorrow in high-pressure situations. Good job working on four of your five virtues all in one day!

  7. Congratulations on winning those matches! That’s so exciting and I’m sure it set you up for a great day. It looks like tennis is a great way to work on all your virtues, and I hope practicing virtues helps you when you play!

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