Day 3 – 11/11/21

Today I had a pretty busy day, but I was still able to keep order in my life through making sure despite my out of school obligations that I was able to get my homework done. I stayed resolute in keeping my goal of getting my homework done even with such a busy day. While meeting these goals was good to see, I feel that where I improved the most on was my industry, because usually when I have busy days like this I get home and start my homework, but then get distracted so much that I end up finishing my homework very late. Today was different in that I was able to get good sleep despite my busy schedule, as I was very industrious in how I got my homework done. This improvement was very good to see, because I often feel like this is why I tend to not have much free time is because of how inefficiently I do my work. I also felt that I did well in moderation, because I was able to still have some free time with friends before doing all of the obligations that I had. This was good, because it can be very hard to keep a moderated schedule when your schedule is full. On justice I felt that I did not do so great, because when I was playing dodgeball with my friends I thought that some of the people on the team would do better than others, but most of my assumptions were wrong.

Jacob Podrebarac

Author: Jacob Podrebarac

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  1. It is really hars d to keep a moderate scheduale when school and other obligations require so much from you, i hope you have better days, dont beat up on yourself too much, ok , sounds like a stressful day

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