Day #7 – 11/14/21

Overall, I think I succeeded slightly more today than yesterday; specifically, I succeeded much in Resolution. Not only did I get all the homework necessary done, I also had the will to see my father for dinner at Bamboo Penny’s. Though, in this, I did not exercise much Sincerity, as I sadly am quite ambivalent towards the man and it’s hard to get in any sort of debate with him without it divulging into conflict I’d rather not involve myself in. If nothing else, I was glad I was able to redirect the conversation as to avoid that point of conflict.

In regard to the lesser successes, I think I generally succeeded with Awareness; I spent more time skipping activities when I realized I wasn’t gaining Enjoyment from them, and I barely picked at my nails at all. In this, I also automatically succeeded in Enjoyment, in the only way in which I truly could on my lonesome. As well, I had some success with Regulation, but not as much as prior days. I spent some time in bed on my phone, but I set a strict deadline to get off and followed it; afterwards I went to bed at a normal time.

Sleep Log

7:48 – Return Home
8:51 – Water
9:57 – Lights Off + Pajamas + In Bed
10:29 – Off Phone

10:40-6:30 AM – 7:40 Hours, 81 Sleep Score, Two Notable Wake Ups (1:21-1:30 and 3:24-3:30)

Tomorrow, I hope to focus on Sincerity, and although I don’t see any improvement in regards to such with my father, I hope I can improve on my mistakes and any conflict Resolution with my own peers. As well, I wish to continue the pattern I created for Enjoyment and Regulation, as such have been conducive towards my happiness.

Alyssa Alvey

Author: Alyssa Alvey

Working towards achieving moral betterment in sincerity, regulation, resolution, awareness, and enjoyment.

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  1. That’s great that you succeeded in resolution today. It also looks like your sleep logs are really helping you and that is awesome that you got almost 8 hours of sleep. I hope you have a great week!

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