Day #7: November 15, 2021

I had a successful day with all of my virtues. I went to bed early last night which helped me get up this morning and organize myself and make sure I didn’t leave a mess of a room behind for when I get home. For both order and cleanliness, that helped start my day out right. With patience, I felt really tired this morning but as the day went on I felt more energized and kept patient with myself, especially as it is a Monday. Balance was okay, I didn’t have a lot of homework so I got to talk to my parents and catch up with my friends who went out of town this weekend, but I was also exhausted and kind of drained making it a little bit of a challenge. Lastly, with kindness I went to a workout class, being kind to myself, and also checking in on a few friends I hadn’t talked to in awhile. Overall, today was a a good start to my week.

Anna Mitchell

Author: Anna Mitchell

order, cleanliness, balance, patience, and kindness.

One thought on “Day #7: November 15, 2021”

  1. I think the way you handles feeling drained was great! A workout class is not only good for your overall health but was a way for you to contribute to your kindness towards yourself.

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