Day 4 – Nov 12th

After two super busy days, I decided Cleanliness would be an appropriate virtue to work on for the day. My room had gotten slightly messy and I had a couple bags full of clothes and toiletries from having to jump from activity to activity days prior. I took the time to unpack those and tidy up my room when I got home from school. Then, I went to tennis practice where I tested myself with the virtue of Acceptance. I wasn’t having the best day on the court and found myself missing more shots than I usually do. Instead of getting frustrated, I tried to simply have fun and enjoy the sport. I accepted that I will not be perfect and I will make mistakes, and most importantly that tennis is just a game. Before bed I did a ten minute stretch while listening to music, which really helped with Tranquility and set the tone for a great night of sleep. 

One thought on “Day 4 – Nov 12th”

  1. This is very well written Greta! I am also working on Cleanliness and have been working on keeping my room tidy as well after school. I can’t wait to see how far you come, keep up the good work.

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