Day 6

Day 6 was very bad, evidenced in the fact that I am writing this blog entry a day later. I focused on cleanliness and physical health and didn’t do great in either area. I slept late and sort of moped around the house until work. I felt pretty gross but went to work anyway (a bad idea). I had what I think was a migraine or something caused by dehydration and had to leave early. Then I was sick and missed school the next day (today). So not a great physical health day, although I don’t think it was entirely my fault (except the dehydration part which probably was). I’d give myself a 0.5/5 overall. 

As for cleanliness, I didn’t do anything to mess up my room, which certainly counts for something. I also didn’t do anything to improve it. There isn’t much else I can say in that department and I’d probably give myself a 1/5 for cleanliness. This is kind of a depressing entry so, for the sake of positivity, I also read over one of my poems and decided that it was good enough to submit to the freelancer. So a 2/5 in creative productivity.

Delaney McDermed

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2 thoughts on “Day 6”

  1. Congratulations on submitting a poem to the Freelancer! Creativity is a beneficial power to hold and it really works to balance out negative things. Writing a blog a day late isn’t too bad, as you can probably see from the timeline of how a lot of people are completing theirs. I always have a lot of trouble completing mine on time. Good luck on the rest of your days!

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