Day 7:

Today my virtues were really put to work. To start off, my Tranquility is lower than usual because of the large work load given on the final week before a large break, and basketball tryouts. I’d have to give my Tranquility a 4/10 for today. For Humility, I would give myself a 10/10 because I was humble after winning a soccer award at my banquet. My Sincerity was low today because I had school, basketball tryouts, and a soccer banquet giving me no time to see my family through the day. I would rate my Sincerity a 2/10 for the day. Order is a bit off with everything going on in my life, but I was able to keep track of what needed to be done for tomorrow. Order gets a 7/10 for the day. My final virtue was frugality which remained high because I didn’t get the opportunity to spend any money.

2 thoughts on “Day 7:”

  1. Good luck with basketball tryouts! One of my friends is stressed about tryouts, too, but I bet you’ll both do great! I totally get how tough order can be.. my life is out of order, too. 🙂

  2. Congrats on the soccer award and staying humble about it! Even with your busy schedule it is good you were able to keep track of everything you needed to get done. Keep up the good work!

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