Day 7

Today was a pretty good day. My friends and I woke up and had to pack up our suitcases to head back to Kansas City. It sucks having to go home from a trip, but I decided to focus on sincerity again. I knew my mindset could not be the best knowing that I had to go home, but I turned it around and realized I was so grateful and thankful that I got to go on this great trip! We all got in a cab and headed to the airport. While we were waiting for our flight, it got delayed. Instead of getting upset, I focused on transquility knowing that this was not a big deal and there are many more problems that people have to deal with. Overall today was a 7/10.

One thought on “Day 7”

  1. I think sincerity is a great thing to focus on at the end of a trip. It’s important to be able to appreciate the time you had there instead of just being sad about leaving so it’s awesome that you were able to be thankful!

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