Day 8

Today was tiring. It was my first day back at school after a nice vacation, which always sucks. I was so tired when I woke up in the morning, and I was dreading going to school. Knowing I was super tired I thought focusing on temperance would be good for me. I decided to take all my classes hour by hour, and focus only on what I needed to do during that time. I found it helped me relax and not get so stressed out. I think that today could have been better, but I tried my best and that is all that matters!

4 thoughts on “Day 8”

  1. I was tired too yesterday, and you are right it is so hard getting back onto schedule after vacations! Temperance is such an important virtue to work on and you seem to be doing #great. KEEP IT UP Georgia <3 !

  2. I am glad that you were able to find a way to make your day better after having such a bad morning. Being tired in the morning really sucks. I hope you can improve on the things that you struggled with today.

  3. Ugh, coming to school after vacation sucks! I think its great you pushed through hour by hour, even though you were tired. I am happy working on temperance helped you relax too!

  4. It is always so hard to refocus yourself on school after vacations. Great job going hour by hour, getting through the day, and trying your best. It sounds like Temperance is going well. Keep it up!

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