Day 7

This day started a bit unusual. I got ready like normal, and made sure to appreciate my alone time while I got ready. However, when I left the house, I noticed the passenger door of my car was open. So was the glovebox. My car had been broken into, and my wallet was gone. This, of course, did not allow me to practice my bliss virtue. I did get the chance to work on order. I went to the bank and got a new card, and found a cheap new wallet for myself. I finished the day by making a pumpkin pie with my family, which I could appreciate. Although this day was very stressful, it ended up being a pretty good one.

3 thoughts on “Day 7”

  1. Oh no! That’s terrible. Great job working on your virtues even in such a frustrating situation. Making pumpkin pie with your family sounds so fun and like an awesome way to end your day. Keep it up!

  2. I believe that is an exemption not to focus on bliss, I am very sorry that is stressful. Great job just picking yourself back up and replacing everything without too much struggle. Baking with the family is one of my favorite traditions, sounds like a much-needed break from a stressful day!

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