Day #10 – 11/17/21

This day has likely been one of my weaker days when considering the blog. I was tired throughout, and will likely go to bed soon after writing this despite my need to finish my homework. This in general makes Resolution quite weak, as I was unable to finish the work I set out to do (as well, I never got to trying out a recipe I wished to try). As well, I struggled to do more than a couple chores, though the fact that I got any done at all negates some of that. Furthermore, I found myself struggling with Sincerity for a good chunk of the day, with conversations slipping from my finger-tips without me having a care as to what I said (or, not remembering most of my interactions within this day). The only success I found was after my clubs with friends, but even then I felt myself dragging and wishing to be home despite the fun I was having. Some days are just harder than others, and I cannot be surprised that my streak of wonderful days has somewhat foreclosed for the foreseeable future. If nothing else, I think my Regulation has been stedfast, and with this I’ve realized I’ve kept an incredibly consistent schedule for my showering. Maybe I can work towards taking my medications at night so I can start to hold myself accountable at a different front. With all this in mind, Enjoyment was probably the most neutral of all, as I found some Enjoyment within my later day but for the beginning portion there was simply no such luck. As well, Awareness is likely neutral as well, with me keeping a consistent pattern of only occasional skin (and other compulsive) picking without making significant progress towards or against such a practice. If nothing else, I’m glad to have remembered to use a .9mm pencil today.

Sleep Log
8:20-8:44 – Shower + Brush Teeth
8:53 – Water
9:22 – In bed

9:27-6:33 AM – 9:04 Hours – 77 Sleep Score, One Notable Wake Up (2:44 – 2:59)

Overall, I wish to work on Sincerity, and with that I’ll likely need to caffeinate myself, as I need to get some important work done while also preparing for a Chemistry test. Furthermore, I hope I’ll be able to work towards being present to my current actions while also being true to myself; it’s draining when I’m not doing so.

Alyssa Alvey

Author: Alyssa Alvey

Working towards achieving moral betterment in sincerity, regulation, resolution, awareness, and enjoyment.

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