Day 9 on November 17

The virtue I improved on the most today was moderation. While I was productive in getting some assignments done, working out and eating healthily, I also allowed myself some time to wind down and took a nap after school because I was exhausted. This balance made my day more enjoyable and made me more calm as I got ready for bed. I wasn’t my most industrious today, though, because I didn’t get any math assignments done that I had set a goal for myself to complete. As for cleanliness, I definitely didn’t do well because my room and bathroom are pretty messy right now and it’s making me a bit stressed, so I know I need to work on that more and clean this weekend. For love for family, I spent some time talking to my brother and also picked up Chipotle for my family’s dinner tonight.

Francesca Stamati

Author: Francesca Stamati

Working on moderation, resolution, industry, cleanliness, and love for family.

3 thoughts on “Day 9 on November 17”

  1. Taking a nap after school is such a great way to recharge so you can be engaged in other activities. School can be pretty draining, so it’s important to just wind down for a while. I’ve also been struggling with cleanliness and order, but what I’ve found that works is to divide the cleaning into reasonable chunks, instead of viewing it as a single task. Have a great day 🙂

  2. You are doing so great! Picking up dinner for the family is one of my least favorite things to do, and planning out your weekend tasks can be extremely helpful. I admire most especially your love for family virtue and I am so glad you are succeeding.

  3. Naps are important, and sometimes they are flat out necessary. Good job recognizing your exhaustion. That was extremely nice of you to pick up dinner for your family. Keep it up!

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