Rafaela Grieco-Freeman: Day 9

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

Overall I had a decent Wednesday for this week. I find that odd block days tend to be the most stressful since I have all my core classes so I am just content on getting through today with everything going on leading up to the break. As for the virtues, they were above average, but not quite as good as yesterday and Monday. For industry and temperance, I would rate myself around a 6/10 for those as I continue to balance school work and SAT Prep, though I did not get as much progress as I was hoping for either of those. For cleanliness, I would rate myself a 4/10 since I still have not fully cleaned out my desk area, instead opting for the dining room table. For tranquility, I would rate myself around a 6/10 since today I found to be somewhat stressful throughout with all of the work coming to a close before the break, however, after a very chilly soccer practice, I was able to take a long hot shower to destress and warm myself up! Finally, for productive downtime, I would rate myself a 5/10 since I felt unmotivated to start any creative projects in the downtime that I had, instead choosing to be on my phone (at least I had read an article that my father recommended to me, even if it was not really long). Overall, I am grateful for getting through this long school day and having my workload organized for the next few days as Thanksgiving break inches closer and closer. Plus, its late start tomorrow, so I am most certainly excited to recharge tomorrow morning as a result :))

4 thoughts on “Rafaela Grieco-Freeman: Day 9”

  1. Sometimes it’s more important to just do something that calms you even if it’s not the most productive during your downtime. I’m glad you made it through odd block day I also have all my core classes and it is very stressful. I hope you had a wonderful late start morning Rafaela:)

  2. Nice job on cleaning your dining room table. That’s certainly a sore spot for my house. It’s cool that you are recommended reading by your parents. Seeing what other people find interesting is enlightening, in much the same way as the virtues project. I wish you a good Thanksgiving break!

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