Weekend of Nov 13/14

Last weekend I focused on sincerity, I do believe I had many examples of sincerity. The first one that comes to mind is on Saturday morning I went out of my way to go see my friend play in his soccer game. It was 30 minutes away, but he has been one of my best friends forever. After that we went to lunch at Canes, and I offered to pay for his meal. He declined but ended up paying for it anyway. After lunch I went to play in a basketball tournament, and they missed a call on a teammate of mine. Now usually I would argue, but I showed silence and ignored the ridiculous referee. I know that is an example of silence rather than sincerity; I was extremely proud of my decision to keep my anger inside and to not lash out at the underpaid ref. On Sunday I showed my sincerity by offering to help my mom with the gift bags for the soccer banquet on Monday. Overall I think I had a successful weekend virtue wise.

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