Day 7- November 16th

It is Monday and I feel like I have been keeping up pretty good with my virtues and remembering how each of them will make me better even if I am feeling too lazy. I decided I needed something different to keep up with these and I came up with an idea to set a reminder on my phone with all my virtues. With cleanliness I have typically been focusing on keeping my things all tidy but then I realized that helping people around me will make me feel just the same. So, I helped my mom with the backyard and decided to do the dishes before she got home. It made her elated which made me happy that she was happy. I am hoping that tomorrow I can do something for my dad or possibly my siblings. I also worked on forgiveness with my family because as I am sure everyone knows, it can be hard to get along with family members living under the same roof 24/7. My sister and I were arguing over whose turn it was to do the laundry and instead of continuing the fight I decided to just stop talking and do it myself. Then I forgave her for her rude attitude. I would say today was overall a 10/10. 

2 thoughts on “Day 7- November 16th”

  1. Good job Abeeeeee! Trust me I know getting along with family is not easy but you are handling those arguments very well!! I had cleanliness as one my virtues too and I like how you can take it as a physical thing but also a mental and heart kind of thing too 🙂

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