Day 10

Getting close to the end. Today started off amazing! Sleeping in helps my day so much, I am so thankful for our late starts! I made my lunch, fed my bunny, talked with my mom for a bit, then I was off to school. I started my day out with math. Accepting I had done bad on my first try at the mastery quiz for math, I had a retake today and I am pretty confident I did well, which is always rewarding. It helped me move on from the grade, knowing I will work on passing the mastery. My next hour I did a dissection, so gross, but so fascinating! I also caught up on my portfolio, leaving no stress for the class. I finished my day off with child development, I was able to color with soothed my day helping with tranquility and I did homework so I don’t procrastinate. I came home and had a pear for my snack, and a bit of cookie dough because my mom had just made it and I couldn’t resist myself! Today has been such a fabulous day, but tonight I am studying for my chem exam. I have been stressing about this exam all week. Last exam I had a studied partner and I did well on the test, so I am doing it again. Tonight I am staying up with my friend to teach other and go through the notes so we do well on the test tomorrow. Overall I would give myself a B, only because of the stress I have on myself due to chem. I hope everyone had a great day today, and I hope tomorrow is even better! Friday!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 10”

  1. GOOD LUCK ON CHEM TMRW!!!! I totally agree about how late starts automatically put you in a better mood, I always feel more tranquil on Thursdays. Good job on your math mastery, I bet you did awesome. See you tmrw in class, I bet we’ll both be stressing about our tests.

  2. Although you were stressed for chemistry, I loved how you were able to come up with a plan to work around it! I know how hard it can be to focus when you are super stressed about something. Also, kudos to you for getting some homework done at school, leaving your evening to study for chem!

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