Connor Burrows – Nov 18

Order 4/5 – I did a pretty good job of organizing my day to get as much work done as possible while in school, which felt good (not as much in the moment, but more so now). I didn’t waste much time today, and that always leads to a better evening.

Resolution 5/5 – I finished the figure!!! I spent a good hour and a half today doing the finishing touches, and I think it turned out super well. I plan on painting another figure over break, and I’ll try to keep up with resolution as I go forward with that.

Confidence 1/5 – I’m sad to end my journey towards Confidence like this, but my day was so busy that I just forgot to work on this one today. Overall, I definitely improved with this virtue, but today was not a good day for it.

Health 5/5 – I walked my dogs today, which is always a good workout. Despite being pretty old, they walk a lot faster than you would expect. I forgot to take any pictures on the walk, but I do have a picture of my dogs

Left: Lexi

Right: Charlie

Responsibility 5/5 – I was very responsible with my time management today, so I ended up getting all of my work done for the night before getting home from school. I normally spend free time in my classes on my phone, but I spent most of my time today doing homework, and it feels great now.

All in all, I’ve made a lot of progress with my virtues, though I have had more success with some than others. I really enjoyed this project, and I plan to try to keep going with at least some of the virtues that I’ve been working towards.

I hope everyone has a wonderful break! 🙂

Connor Burrows

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2 thoughts on “Connor Burrows – Nov 18”

  1. It sounds like you really had success with this project, and that is awesome. The pictures of your dogs are great and it sounds like good exercise. I am glad that you were able to finish your painting, and am so glad to hear about all of your successes you have had doing this project.

  2. It sounds like you had a great day! The figure looks amazing and it was great that you got to finish it. Your dogs are so sweet! I love dogs. It is wonderful that you feel like you have found a lot of success with this project. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Also happy birthday!

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