Connor Lawson – Day 9 Update

For this day, I did much better than yesterday with my self control, which was my main goal for this day. I didn’t eat any junk food or candy or sweets at all. I did study for a little bit right before my AP physics exam, which I think I did okay on. I don’t think I did fantastic, but the refresher before the test helped a lot. For honesty, I technically did lie today. I lost my shoes at soccer practice and I didn’t tell my parents I’ll get them back tomorrow, but I didn’t tell them, and hopefully they don’t find out. I was also good with my tranquility and sincerity virtues.

Connor Lawson

Author: Connor Lawson

Honesty, Sincerity, Tranquility, Self-Control, Diligence

One thought on “Connor Lawson – Day 9 Update”

  1. Nice job on keeping good self control today. I hope you did well on your physics test, but you probably did pretty well since you prepared for it. Your parents will probably find out some way about your soccer cleats, but either way it is more sincere if you tell them yourself.

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