For the next two weeks, I will be attempting “moral perfection,” similar to Benjamin Franklin.  My motivation behind this blog is to become a better version of myself, to push myself.  Benjamin Franklin worked on 13 virtues, attempting a new one each week.  However, in the time frame given, I will be challenging myself with only 5 virtues, working on them all everyday.  I am creating this blog to hold myself accountable and reflect on my efforts. 

The five virtues I picked are cleanliness, order, physical health, balance, and acceptance. Following in Franklin’s footsteps, I will be challenging myself to work on cleanliness and order.  Cleanliness will be solely focused on keeping my surroundings clean. This includes my room, car, desk, etc.  Having a clean environment will allow me to be more productive which leads into my next virtue, order.  I have an extremely busy schedule so it is important to stay organized and on top of my work.  If I do not have order in my life, it creates unneeded stressors resulting in unhappiness.  To combat this, I will be writing down the tasks I need to complete that day.  My personal virtues include physical health, balance, and acceptance.  Physical health is a very important aspect in my life, but sometimes I struggle to hold myself accountable.  I plan on setting small goals for myself each day to ensure that I achieve them. As the two weeks go on I will continually challenge myself with harder goals, ultimately reaching “perfection.”  Although that may be a stretch, it is important to push myself.  Alongside physical health, I will be focusing on creating a balanced lifestyle. Everything in life has a place. Understanding how everything fits together is essential: allowing myself to have breaks but also pushing myself to achieve more. Tracking balance will be dictated on a day-to-day basis.  Finally, I will be working on acceptance. Sometimes certain things are meant to happen; I can only control so much.  Similar to order, accepting certain things in life can be beneficial and create a less stressful lifestyle. 

I truly hope that these virtues I will be working on become habits in my everyday life. While that may not be realistic, it may lead to small changes bettering my approach to life. Even if this is a complete failure, I hope you enjoy my journey of achieving moral perfection! 

Riley Eck

Author: Riley Eck

Hello everyone!! Enjoy my journey at achieving moral perfection, just like Benjamin Franklin.

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