Post 1: November 9-11

(I was absent on a journalism trip so these days are combined) My past three days have consisted of packing, traveling, and a ton of walking. To begin, packing can be a stressful event; it takes forever and can be tiring. To work on my virtue order, I created a list of items that I needed to bring on my trip so I could stay on top of everything. This event also included accepting that I may not be able to fit everything in my suitcase (it ended up all working out in the end…funny how that works).  The next day was full of traveling. This was a much needed break from the stress of everyday life relating to the virtue balance. Having a day where I had no concerns about doing schoolwork was very relaxing and beneficial for my mental health. Finally, we had a day full of walking, exceeding my goal of physical health.  While I suggested starting small in my introduction, I ended the day with over 20,000 steps…may be hard to beat in the future!

Riley Eck

Author: Riley Eck

Hello everyone!! Enjoy my journey at achieving moral perfection, just like Benjamin Franklin.

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  1. Wow! Seems like you definitely got enough exercise and fulfilled your physical health goal. I always find that making packing lists relieves some stress and it also gives me reassurance that I won’t forget anything. Great job working on four of your five virtues!

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