This blog was definitely an adventure for me. It allowed me to actively work on becoming a better person, and it did not go without its challenges. I chose five virtues: silence, cleanliness, appreciation, bliss, and order. At first glance, this may seem easy, but this blog pushed me each and every day. I believe using these virtues as a blueprint on how to live my life in the future would be good for me and my character. I plan on thinking of these virtues in everyday life, and practicing each and every one. I will keep myself accountable, as will my friends and family I and sure.

Every virtue in this daunting list had its challenges. Some pushed me to be more put together, while some pushed me to enjoy my own life. If I had to choose, cleanliness would be the virtue I had the most trouble with. Ever since I was a kid, it has always been hard for me to clean my life up. My room and car usually are coated with my stray belongings. Some would say it is a metaphorical representation of how I live my life. I often just throw things I don’t want to deal with on the “floor”, metaphorically speaking. This blog helped me work on this flaw of mine. It allowed me to notice when my room or car was dirty, and encouraged me to fix it. Sometimes, however, the urge to do something more stimulating took over, leaving the mess still there. Although this activity did help me achieve a bit more cleanliness, it is still definitely something I will have to continue improving on.

On the other hand, there was one virtue that really improved my way of life over these past few weeks. I was unaware how powerful an effect focusing on appreciation would have on me. Every morning I would wake up to get ready and during this time I would recognize the alone time I was granted by doing so. I then would carry on my appreciation throughout the day, appreciating the little things that made my life easier. Whether it was a hot coffee, or an easy day of Calculus, I was able to appreciate so much of the good in my life. It was such a healthy practice for me, and I cannot wait to continue working on it.

This virtues affected me in ways I did not expect them to. They almost turned me into a different person completely. Before this, my family and friends would often label me as stressed and messy. Now, it seems I have a bit more of a hold on my own life. This feeling of control is so incredibly important to me. Working on these five virtues, and possibly more, will help me throughout my life. Before this assignment, I was unaware of the importance of these virtues. My life was lived sloppily and day by day. Although I wasn’t anything near perfect, I believe through work and dedication, these virtues will help my life be more productive and enjoyable.

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