My journey to moral perfection was not at all easy, but it was not too hard either. I faced some challenges but overcame those with successes. I think that the hardest virtue for me was tranquility. I find myself to be a very tense and anxious person, so when it comes to calming down and relaxing it can be hard for me. To overcome this, I set aside time for myself each day to do something that I had been worried or stressed about. Most of the time it was cleaning my room or doing a project or homework. Setting aside time that I knew I would be able to get these things done made me a lot less anxious. It helped me a lot knowing that I would be able to get something done and not be stressed about it.

Although, it was sometimes hard to stick with my virtues, when I did, it was very rewarding. I found that the virtue I stuck with the most was my Health virtue. I tried to go to a workout class almost every day, and when I did it felt great. I worked really hard on eating healthier foods, and that was the part that came less easily, but I still improved! It felt great to know that I was doing the best things for my body that I could, and I will really try to stick with it.

To bring this whole journey to an end, I am very glad I got to do this experiment. I was successful everyday, even when it was less than the previous day. I found this journey to be so helpful for myself, and relationships with people around me. I will continue to improve myself for days and weeks and even years to come, and I cannot wait to see where this takes me.

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  1. WOWZA Georgia! I am very impressed with the progress you have made on this Journey and I am so happy you are feeling good about it all! I loved catching up with your blogs and you really kept it interesting. Good work!

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