Day 10 – Nov 18th

Today is the last day of blogging, and I’m ending this experiment on a pretty good day. Being able to sleep in on late start days automatically makes my day better. Getting almost nine hours of sleep left me feeling tranquil and ready for the day. I focused on Kindness, Tranquility, and Cleanliness, and I would say they were all a success. In Spanish my class got to relax and watch Beauty and the Beast. Compared to our usual worksheet, reading, and discussion packed hour, this improved my day and especially my Tranquility. In addition, I worked on Cleanliness and Productivity by making a to-do list and organizing my schedule for Thanksgiving break. Being organized will allow me to optimize my relaxation time, while still being productive. 

One thought on “Day 10 – Nov 18th”

  1. I’m glad you ended your experience on a good note — so did I! Glad you got to sleep in and relax. Getting more sleep definitely set you up for a good day to focus on your virtues without having to combat exhaustion. Plus, it’s much easier to be tranquil when you’re not grumpy from little sleep.

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