Reflection 11/19/2021

I found these five virtues being most important: Cleanliness, Order, Productivity, patience and Acceptance. I picked these out of the many ones, because these five seem to be what I struggle the most with and I think they are important skills to have to better your future self. I think learning these virtues would also benefit the people around me. I never have a plan with anything and I think that stresses other people out too. 

I found that I struggled with being productive the most. I usually put everything off till the very last minute, and I have realized that it causes so much stress. I also feel like I could be better at the things I am doing if I gave myself more time to complete them. It is also hard to hold myself accountable for doing the things such as homework that I need to get done, because I would rather do something on my phone or hangout with my friends. 

I think I made a lot of progress on acceptance. I hope this teaches me that it is okay to not have everything go my way, and I’m not always going to do things as I expected. This is mainly with school, I always expect to do so well on all my tests and work. I try very hard in school but I need to accept that I am not always going to do well. I am very much of a perfectionist when it comes to my grades, and I hate having anything but A’s. Being in high school is a lot harder, but having a B is still a good grade. 

Overall, this assignment showed me what I need to work more on. I think having to think about the five virtues everyday for almost two weeks will keep me thinking about them more often. I hope after I practice them for a couple more weeks, I will start seeing results in bettering myself.

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