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Welcome to a blog where I will aim to achieve moral perfection and publish accounts of my progress. I created this blog because I want to become a better person. I have known of Ben Franklin for most of my life and had always kept a rough account of his inventions. This is my first time hearing about his virtues. They gain credibility due to Franklin’s credibility.

There are five different virtues that I hope to improve on. The most important is industry. Since it relies on rigid time management, it will be the most difficult. It also relates to another one of my choices: order. I plan to work on the effective ordering of time aspect of those two by practicing it by doing work early. I will also attempt to become more organized as part of order. The next virtue is flexibility. Changing can be difficult to me, but I can do things such as changing an aspect of my daily routine. Another useful virtue is resolution. I have a tendency to give up on projects halfway through them and never return. The best way to ameliorate this is to see a project through to its completion. Tranquility will be one of the most difficult things for me to focus on as it doesn’t come up that often and it leads me to think irrationally. It could be improved in the same way as flexibility.

As part of this blog, I hope to improve gradually in each of the virtues. I predict that I will be able to improve in at least 3 of the categories. Tranquility may never come up. I hope to put a focus on industry as it factors in to some of the other virtues. Thus, I begin the challenge and will write another passage tomorrow.

Nicholas Karr

Author: Nicholas Karr

Hello! I run this site.

4 thoughts on “Nicholas Karr – Introduction”

  1. I am excited to follow your journey, Nick. I need to work on order in my life as well, and have decided to tackle a certain area of my house each day. Today, for example, it’s got to be my closet :). Good luck!

  2. We share some common virtues we are trying to work on. In my opinion I think order is one of your harder virtues. I give my regards to you during this process of change and wish you the best.

  3. I really resonate with the virtues you’ve chosen, especially Order and Resolution. I know how it feels to give up on projects half-way through. I’m exited to see how you overcome this problem. Good luck!
    -Connor Burrows

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