(combined days due to out of town)

Today I am officially back in town. Yesterday was definitely the highlight of my trip and I was able to practice tranquility and resolution. We finished up our workshop classes yesterday and had an award ceremony and won lots of awards for Harbinger. After that we went to the Eastern state penitentiary. This was the only activity we did in Philly that wasn’t educational and was more recreation so I was very content. There were a variety of haunted houses to go through and ghost tours which I found very interesting. Some may find it weird to find peace in haunted houses considering they are meant to scare you, but I was able to find a sense of tranquility knowing that I didn’t need to stress about anything and could just enjoy the houses. The end of a trip is always kind of sad, but I was able to practice Resolution by realizing all that I had learned and how much I enjoyed the trip. 

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