I’ve decided to start my first ever blog. I’ve created this blog to help me keep my virtues present in my life and to share the journey with the internet. The main reason that I am starting this blog is because of the one and only Benjamin Franklin. After reading Franklin’s Moral Perfection auto biography, I was enlightened of some very important virtues that I wanted to implement into my everyday life. While reading this autobiography, I realized that 5 of his virtues were things I needed to improve on, so like any other individual I’ve decided to write about my experiences of these virtues and how I go about implementing them into my life.

The first virtue that caught my attention was Order. In my life I get very caught up in everything and seem to lose my sense of order. Whether it is forgetting to do my homework for school, or losing track of items at school, order is very important and is something I need to improve on. To improve on order in my life, I plan to keep track of things in the notes tab on my phone. I think this will help keep track of everything in my life and allow me to maintain order. The second virtue I want to improve on is Tranquility. Tranquility is an important virtue for me to improve on because I tend to freak myself out over little things when they really aren’t a huge deal. I’m going to try and improve on this by looking more to the future rather than the present and see if this problem will affect me in the future. The third virtue I’m going to work on is Humility. I’ve already got decent humility, but being humble is something I believe is very important and everyone should be good at it. I will gain better humility by listening to others, and being grateful for what I have. The fourth virtue I’m going to implement into my life will be Sincerity. I want to gain better sincerity, because it will bring me close to my family and friends and allow me to be the best individual I can. I can learn more about sincerity and how to improve on it. My fifth and final virtue to improve on is Frugality. I would like to improve on being frugal because I tend to buy things as soon as money comes to my grip. Being able to save that money and spend it on things I need will help with my overall happiness. I’m going to do this by putting a budget on my spending per week.

My hope for this virtues experiment is to be able to change my life in a positive way and to become the best person I can. I predict that I will be able to maintain at least 4 out of the 5 virtues. The one I see myself struggling with a little will be staying frugal during black Friday. Besides the frugality on black Friday I believe that I have a very good chance of improving on my important virtues. To be able to improve on all of these virtues listed is gonna be difficult, but I know that with hard work and dedication, I can do whatever I put my mind to.

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