Tuesday, November 9

Today is the first day of my two week journey for moral perfection. The two primary virtues that I focused on today were health and responsibility. The weather today was spectacular for November, so I took the opportunity to go on a walk through my neighborhood. It seems the fall colors have finally begun to show their faces, which made the walk all the more enjoyable.

I also got started on my homework much earlier than I ordinarily do, in an effort to take my first steps towards responsibility. I started working around 5:00 in the afternoon, which is fairly good for me. I normally start at 6:00 at the earliest, usually closer to 7:00. I have a Calculus test tomorrow, so I need to give myself plenty of time to prepare for it.

Besides all the studying, I had a nice day. I did well on my Psychology test, although I wasn’t exactly worried about it. Altogether, I think the first day of this journey has gone well, and I am exited for future posts.

Connor Burrows

Connor Burrows

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 9”

  1. I really like how you included pictures! I think taking walks is a really healthy thing and for sure is good for your health, especially with taking advantage of the nice weather. Also, I can totally relate to not working on homework till late and that’s something I’m working on too. I think you for sure will have success Connor!!

  2. I really like that you included pictures because it definitely helps bring the description of your walk to life. Your writing also feels very natural, like this is something you want to write as opposed to something where you are just checking off the boxes and trying to finish it. On a different note, I am also working on health for one of my virtues and coincidentaly, I took a walk yesterday as well! The weather last was really excellent and I completely agree about the fall colors.

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