Kate Beaulieu-Day 1 of Moral Improvement

Day 1

I began my day waking up at 5:55 am which is a couple minutes earlier than usual, but I wanted to give myself time to make a cup of coffee and have a slow and relaxing morning. Waking up earlier and treating myself to coffee was a strategy of mine to practice tranquility. I noticed that having a slower morning put me in a better and more focused mood for school. I took the day at a moderate pace which helped me become more patient with myself and others since my brain wasn’t going a million miles an hour. The only somewhat negative part of my day was taking a chem quiz and finding out that I didn’t get an A on it, which made me upset at first, but then I remembered one of my virtues which is academic acceptance. I looked at my score for a minute or so, and came to the conclusion that it is perfectly acceptable to receive a 13/15 on a quiz rather than a 14/15 or 15/15. To practice academic acceptance, I only allowed myself to look at the score for a short amount of time and forced myself to put my phone up so I wouldn’t obsess over the imperfect score. Lastly, I ended my day with photography, something I am wanting to be more passionate about. I took photos for Harbinger during school, and wanted to go home and edit them to see the final product. I was happy with how the photos turned out, and decided that I should schedule specific days I want to take photos. Overall, I succeeded in practicing my virtues which has started me off on a good note with my journey. Today was a good day!

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  1. I admire you giving yourself time to wake up and enjoy your morning. I wish I would give myself more time so I can eat breakfast and drink coffee before I am off to school. I hope your tranquility continues on, and know a 13/15 is still good! You are trying your best, give yourself more credit. You are doing great!-Avery Kim 🙂

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