11/9/21 – Update

Today I did very well, specifically in moderation, because I was able to control my phone usage with success. This was seen by my low phone usage during school and getting lots of homework done during the day because I was not using my phone much. This phone usage also continued during my time when I got home from school. Although this was mainly because of my math test which I studied very hard for and did not leave much time for my phone, it still was a success that I was able to manage it even with the stress of the test. On confidence I wasn’t as strong, but my industry was strong due to my efficient work at my homework. Also, my resolution was strong in deciding to study for my math test. My justice was also strong in that I was able to realize my bias I had against my friends normal habits, and change this to realize that the person can change as well.

Jacob Podrebarac

Author: Jacob Podrebarac

Resolution, Industry, order, moderation, justice

2 thoughts on “11/9/21 – Update”

  1. I am also working on being more studious as one of my virtues is diligence. For me this meant to study very hard for tests, similarly to you. I hope we can both succeed in our endeavors, good luck!

  2. Good job on the low phone usage throughout the day. That is an important and difficult virtue to master, especially with industry as another focus. Good luck with getting all of your other virtues to go as well.

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