November 10, 2021

Day 2

Tranquility: 1: I felt too stressed today to really think about making peace with any of my outside stressors. There was not much I could think of that I was willing to let go.

Silence: 1: I did not make time to allow me to have ten minutes of silence today. My day was busy, once again, and I wasn’t sure how to fit it in with everything else. Tomorrow, I might try taking a moment to myself in the morning.

Moderation: 2: Today, I mostly only did school and soccer. I was too busy with these things to take time for me to enjoy other aspects of my life besides having dinner with some of my family. The dinner was nice, but I would have liked more time to spend with my family.

Patience: 3: Today, I was more mindful of my words, and listened better when other people were talking. I specifically practiced patience today when talking to another student during lunch. They mentioned a project they were doing in one of my classes. I initially made a comment, with little to no knowledge about the topic, but after realizing this mistake, I listened to their explanation. After their explanation, I realized that my first thought was a misconception. This really helped to show me the value of patience.

Contentment: 1: I had some ideas in mind for contentment, however, today I did not journal. I felt like I had too much other work that needed to come before taking the time to write. I think I am going to start keeping a list wherever I go, of anything I think of, throughout the day, on my phone. This might help me to better think about contentment during my day, and really make progress with this virtue.

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