Nov. 9 Day 1


moderation- A

frugality- D

accountability- A

self-discipline- A

cleanliness- B

Today is day 1 and I am excited to start on this two week journey. Today I really focused on Self-discipline. I made my own healthier meal tonight and made it to the gym. Another thing that I did better today than usual was working on my school work. I completed all of my homework in class today and that left me with more time to spend with my family. Because I didn’t have to do homework I was also able to practice football so my moderation with spending time with friends, family, and football also was a lot better today. Overall I would say my first day was a success. I hope to build on today and continue to improve throughout these two weeks. 

2 thoughts on “Nov. 9 Day 1”

  1. Your system of rating your performance in various virtues through a letter is creative and seems effective. I commend your physical fitness. I also plan to exercise over the course of my challenge. Good luck on the rest of the days.

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