Kate Beaulieu-November 10

Today was a really good day for me! It was mainly good because I got to leave school early for an appointment that was taking place during 7th hour, so that was nice. For today, I mainly focused on tranquility just because I knew it was going to be an easy day in general, so why not take advantage of it and have a relaxing day. I was brainstorming last night ways for me to have a peaceful day, so I set an alarm on my phone with emoji’s and smiley faces and told myself to have a good day. Since that alarm was set before I left for school, it reminded me to not let school stress me out, and to just enjoy my short day. I for sure give myself an A for tranquility, but on the other hand, I give myself a C for practicing patience. I not only want to practice being patient with myself, but with others around me. Today I was driving a lot, so I found myself getting impatient at red lights or when there was a lot of traffic. I forgot to tell myself that I didn’t need to be anywhere super important, and to just relax. For tomorrow, if I find myself becoming impatient, I’m going to tell myself to be optimistic and maybe just listen to music to soothe me 🙂 To end my day, I am letting my brain relax, watching One Tree Hill and listening to the beautiful rainstorms!

2 thoughts on “Kate Beaulieu-November 10”

  1. It goes to see that you had a tranquil day and were able to take advantage of it too. I also struggle with the impatience of driving (leaving the junior lot is a nightmare, I swear) but it’s good that you addressed those faults and can now look to improve upon them. I am also listening to this calming rainstorm tonight and it is putting me in a quite tranquil mindset, so any earlier stresses may go away with it too!

  2. I think the alarm idea was clever and a good way to start your day off! I worked on tranquility today too, I am happy your day was tranquil, and you were able to take advantage of it. I hope you are able to have a relaxing, and happy day tomorrow. Just remember its almost Friday!! Goodnight. -Avery Kim:)

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