Day Two

Today I worked on Patience and staying in the moment. I was invited to an awards event for tennis where I received two awards. The first one I got with Greta, which was for exceptional sportsmanship in our age group. I also got a service award for my work with an organization called Second Serve which helps collect and distribute gently used tennis equipment to underprivileged kids. Instead of thinking about the next thing, I allowed myself to be patient and enjoy my successes before I rushed off to something else. I only had to say the phrase “Now is the time to be aware of the present moment. I let go of the past and the future” once. I thought I did very well on this virtue today. 

I was mostly tranquil throughout the day except for a few moments where I stressed, mainly on my math test when I didn’t exactly know how to solve a problem. However, I stayed mostly calm and it ended up paying off as I did well. While I did not have the time for a calm meditation, I did reflect on my day when I was going to bed and made peace with it. 

Moderation was somewhat of a struggle today as I was at school for most of the day, then went straight to tennis, from there went to the awards event, and then got home late only to do homework. However, I was able to spend a lot of time with Greta when we were getting our awards along with my family who was also there. While this was time already planned, I still got to experience a well-balanced day as a whole. 

Order was not very good today. As I mentioned earlier, my whole day was busy and planned down to the minute so I did not have any time to clean my room. I will have more time tonight and hope to be able to get everything organized so that when I leave for Chicago for a tennis tournament this weekend, I will be able to come back home to a clean room. 

I found a lot of joy in the day, especially at the awards banquet. I got to spend time with Greta and talk to some of my other friends who play tennis who were also recipients of awards. I had a great time and loved having that time to relax and celebrate. Joy was probably one of the virtues that I had the most success with today, only second to Patience.

Bryson Langford

Author: Bryson Langford

Working on tranquility, moderation, order, patience, and joy.

2 thoughts on “Day Two”

  1. I really like that you chose a phrase to go along with Patience. That’s such a great idea to help reinforce the virtue. It seems like you were very busy, so don’t worry too much about not achieving every virtue. I’m sure there will be more time on other days to work on Order and Moderation.
    Congrats on the BC test 🙂

  2. It’s awesome that, even though you had a lot going on, you were still able to enjoy your receiving your awards (congrats again by the way). I love your technique for maintaining tranquillity and might try something similar, as I have been struggling with that virtue. I wouldn’t feel bad about moderation if I were you, some days that isn’t even a possibility if you want to get everything done.

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