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In my Blog, I really want to improve aspects of my life. I think it’s time to start focusing on more of myself and really take these virtues seriously. The relationship between Ben Franklin and me is similar and different at the same time. We both work extremely hard at the thing they are passionate about. The difference between us is that he is a genius and I’m just your average student. 

My virtues I have decided to pick are tranquility, silence, order, dedication, engagement. I have chosen these virtues because they are what I lack in life and I think could really improve my life for the better. I’m going to write a reminder on my phone so every time I pick it up, I see what my virtues are. My most important virtue I want to improve is dedication. If I dedicate myself to these virtues and other aspects of my life, I will be a better overall person.

My hope for this project is that I improve. I don’t need to be perfect at all, I just want to be better than I am right now. My prediction for this is that I’m super focused and that I dedicate myself to these virtues. If I ever find myself being lazy about these virtues I will just look at the work dedication and remember that is what i’m working. I think i’m going to really improve my life for the better. 

Entry 1: Today I decided to focus on tranquility. I am normally a very hyper person and If I am more calm then I wont be as tired at end of day. Whenever I get home from school Im just dead tired because Im always moving and talking. Today instead of being hyper during lunch I decided to be quiet and just have light conversations with people. When I got home I still had a ton of energy and overall felt better about myself. I had soccer practice and i felt like a different player. I was doing the extra work and my coach noticed it and said good job

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  1. This is some really quality work Miles Crosser. I love how you compared yourself with Ben Franklin. I think that you need to work on these virtues and I’m proud of you for working on your weaknesses.

  2. This is very inspiring Miles! I also would like to work on dedication and truly focusing on things that will help me! Although, you are no average student Miles!!!! You are capable of being a future Ben Franklin! I believe.

  3. Miles, you are capable of great things. You and Ben Franklin are pretty much the same person. I have full belief in you.

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