Day 2

Today, I got up early to study for my math test after staying up very late to study the night before. This showed strong resolution, because I was able to stay focused on my task of studying. Although I was resolute, This was almost to a fault, because I focused too much on this one math test and did not give enough order to my day in making sure that every aspect of my life was given time. This was especially seen in my lack of sleep, as I did not make any time for this. As far as my industry goes, at the beginning of the day it was good, but after my math test was over I lacked motivation and I was also very tired, so I did not do much afterwords. The day concluded well after school when I worked on giving my friend the justice he deserved in assuming he would work on an assignment that he said he would work on with me. He had not been very reliable for working with me on it, and he had put it off for multiple days, but today with this fair chance that I gave him he proved my previous assumptions wrong and worked on it with me.

Jacob Podrebarac

Author: Jacob Podrebarac

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