My motivation for writing this blog and keeping up with my virtues via the blogs is to better improve myself, and ultimately perfect myself by the time we are complete. I’m not sure how I compare to Benjamin Franklin, but in a way I think everyone wants to improve themselves. Reading about Franklin’s journey to perfection is a great example of how the higher ups in society continue motivation to become better. 

My first virtue, which I believe will be the easiest for me, is Hope. What I mean by hope is keeping a positive attitude and not looking back on things I can’t change. The virtue comes from the bible and I believe a way I can work on it is by showing a grateful attitude and being hopeful for what is to come. The second virtue I chose is Faith. Faith is another bible virtue, but I think this one will be different for me and maybe a bit harder. A way to work on faith is to pray and spread the word. I’ve never been a huge church goer, but I do still pray and want to keep my faith in God. My third virtue and first of Ben Franklins, is silence. I want to learn how to keep my mouth shut at times and just move on. A way I can work on this is when I disagree with someone either shut up and walk away, or say something positive. Like Franklin said, speak to the benefit of yourself and others. The next one is sincerity. I do believe I am a sincere and nice person, but I think I am still able to improve how nice I am in certain situations. I have problems with being insincere to people I do not care for, and I always feel guilty later. I think I can work on sincerity by asking myself, “will you feel bad about this later?” The last virtue and what I think will be the hardest for me is, order. What I mean by order is in a way patience. I want to focus on just letting things play out. I feel like sometimes I try too hard to have an effect on something when I don’t need to. At times I want myself to focus on just taking a step back and relaxing. Let things play out and see what happens.

I truly want to focus on my work with the virtues and keep myself accountable. I think this is an awesome project to work on, and hopefully I can work on these things outside of just this project. I am confident I can knock and be satisfied with my work for three out of the five virtues. At the same time though, I want to work on all five and at some point in my life, look back thankful I did this. 

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